Giggling Gruesome Gnolls

The following morning the group went back to Christine to inquire about any issues that they might be able to help with. After hearing her out, they decided to push back a recent incursion of gnolls. They received directions and healing supplies from Rasper and the Marinton Rangers and decided to set off. But first, let me take a selfie it was time to “catch a ride”. The group ventured to the stables to get some horses, and there they met an old, but adventure hungry stable-master/wheelwright named Gideon. With his thunder cannon he named Valerie he reassured the group that he was quite young, scrappy, and hungry, and that he wasn’t going to throw away his shot (unlike the shot he buried in the ceiling). Also he had a cart that was willing to drive them around in, so why not, right?

Our adventurers finally set off around mid-morning towards a sawmill, the closest of three areas that the gnolls had occupied. The gnolls also took over a mining establishment and an outpost overlooking the main crossroads in the region. Several hours later along the way, the group ran into a man claiming to be a merchant whose wagon of goods had been run off the road by the gnolls. He directed the party towards his wagon, requesting a specific box. After some detective work however, they found him to be a fraud. So they knocked him out when he tried to run and took him prisoner to be dealt with later. They journeyed for the rest of the day, and came to a stop for the night at the turning off the main road and towards the Sawmill.

The next morning they all woke up ready to start the day, missing a prisoner, but that was chalked up to a minimal loss, and they continued moving towards the sawmill. After a few hours travel, the group arrived at the sawmill, the air still and quiet. It wasn’t long before a couple gnolls emerged and a skirmish quickly started up. Almost as fast as it started, the battle was resolved, and the sawmill looted and cleared out.

Quickly moving back out, the party decided to head to the mining establishment next. Drawing near at the end of the day they decided to set up camp and rest for the night before attacking the establishment.

The adventurers, fully rested despite fending off a scouting hyena, finish the journey toward the mines. Upon getting there, they decide to sneak around to the top of a hill backing one of the buildings within the establishment. While Roscoe and Kairos are inside a blacksmith building, Althaea gets spotted by a creepy, one-eyed cultist of Yeenoghu and the situation eventually breaks down. When all is said and done, the group cleared out the two buildings, finding an imprisoned cleric in the other one. As rain begins to fall, the group settles in deciding whether to journey on, or stick around a bit to look through the mines…



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