Notable NPC's

Ordered by Location of first appearance or Faction allegiance


Christine Demarin- Lady of Marinton
Nathan Demarin- Younger brother to Christine and aspiring adventurer. Currently has a weird magical stone presumably keeping him alive
Rasper Hawkborne- Commander of the Marinton guard
Kristoph- Under Commander Hawkborne, he is the captain of the Marinton Rangers, a small squad of elite guards
Vel- Court Wizard to Lady Demarin
Jaime- Chief Advisor to Lady Demarin
Captain Two-Shots- Ship captain. His ship, Windchaser, crashed into the docks of Marinton
Edwar Eggart- Runs the Rusty Hook Tavern
Tynith- Shady Merchant
Torg- Runs the Iron Hut armor shop
Gideon- An elderly wheelright that cares for the stables in Marinton


Emile- Random village-person
Valwan- Chieftain to a nomadic halfling tribe

Church of Pelor

Sister Joy- Acolyte of Pelor

Holy Crafthouse (Church of Gond)

Eli Morgood- Cleric and forgeworker. Previously working in a mine

Notable NPC's

Kerias Nukoyam